15 Behaviors That Are a Dead Giveaway Someone Is Poorly Educated

A Dime Saved
3 min readMar 12, 2024

We all like to think we are always acting at our most intelligent and rational. Yet, ignorance from a lack of education can sneak up on us or be on full display in others.

Awareness is key to preventing and correcting some of our worst ideas and behavior. Here are 15 signs of ignorance and poor education to look out for.

1. Misunderstanding Tax Brackets

Image Credit: enterlinedesign/Shutterstock.

Do you think earning more means losing more to taxes? That’s often not the case. Higher income does mean more taxes, but you’ll still have more money after those taxes than before.

2. Equating Intelligence With Education

Having a degree doesn’t always equal higher intelligence or quality of education. Assuming that a degree alone provides the experience and knowledge for expertise is a faulty assumption. Being smart includes emotional, practical, and creative skills, not just academic success.

3. Lack of Empathy

Not having the empathy to understand different viewpoints or perspectives can make analyzing issues…