I’m a Frugal Living Expert: 12 “Frugal Living Tips” That Are Actually Making Boomers In Retirement Poorer

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5 min readJun 14, 2024

Everyone seems to have an opinion of how to be frugal, and they do not hesitate to air them.

But not every frugal piece of advice is worth it. We asked different frugal experts what they thought was worthwhile pieces of advice and what advice is better to be left unsaid.

Not all frugal advice is solid. And yet, many people seem to keep repeating these wrong pieces of advice perpetually. We asked average Americans to highlight the kind of wrong frugal advice they found being repeated occasionally.

Here are some of the best responses.

Thrift Stores Do Not Always Stock Quality Stuff

One user debunked the belief that people can find quality cheap clothing whenever they visit the thrift store.

“Like I’ve heard that thrift stores are a good place to buy quality clothing for cheap,” he said, “and that things are cheaper on Black Friday.”

In the same breath, another person supports these stores saying, “I’ve gotten insane amounts of quality clothing cheap at the thrift store. That’s more about where you are than anything. Some thrift stores suck, some are amazing.”