The Greatest Copyright Heist In History

A Dime Saved
2 min readMay 15, 2024

Dear Friends,

Today, Google has pulled off what SEO Matt Gibbs has called “The Greatest Copyright Heist in History”.

With the rollout of SGE, Google will now give you answers to your queries based on “AI” aka lifted straight from small publishers, writers and entities (like myself) and present it to you without giving the credit or the money to the creator who wrote, researched and published it.

Well, this has been and will be catastrophic to all the creators you love or hate. Small publishers depend on ad revenue from different web sources to continue creating content that you read, watch, and enjoy. Without these clicks, many small websites will have to fire staff, lay off editors, and possibly close down entirely.


AI and SGE are notoriously inaccurate, feeding you answers that are incorrect, out of context, and sometimes straight-up harmful. Please be aware that when you search for something, the answers you get may be entirely incorrect.


The first thing you can do is switch to another search engine to conduct your queries. Engines such as ​Ecosia​ do not do this and actually will send you results that will give you what you need. Let’s break Google’s monopoly by using their small competitors instead.

The second thing you can do is to keep sharing the inaccurate information you receive from Google as dangerous and…